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The BIG shock in football this week was the departure of Chris Wilder from Sheffield United.

Although the exact details of his departure are a little sketchy at the moment, it appears that it was a difference of opinion on the club’s future direction that may have resulted in the board dispensing with Wilder’s services. Given the recent direction has been mostly DOWN you can kind of understand the decision.

When you consider what the United boss achieved in his first Premier League season it does seem a little unfair that he has been dismissed in this fashion. Maybe it’s appropriate that a team called The Blades should stab their manager in the back.

I’m not a Sheffield United fan but even I feel a little let down by this news. Wilder seemed such a likeable figure and this act feels like the footballing version of Bambi’s mother getting shot at the start of the Disney movie (spoiler, she does). That’s if Bambi’s mother was a gruff, grey-haired middle-aged man managing a Yorkshire football team (another spoiler, she’s not).

With just 10 games left of the season, it’s unlikely that any new manager is going to retain SUFC’s Premier League status. It’s a great escape that even Sam Allardyce would baulk at the challenge of completing. Actually scrub that; it’s a great escape that Steve McQueen would struggle with!

No doubt Chris Wilder won’t be without a job for long but one big forthcoming vacancy would appear very unlikely. Good Morning Britain, maybe?

Germany are on the hunt for a new boss after Joachim Low announced he would be leaving his post as national team manager after the Euros.

He is going to be a tough act to follow. With 23 wins from 34 games at major international tournaments he has a better major competition record than any other manager in history. Impressive.

Its almost a shame that instead he will be remembered as the guy who likes to scratch his balls and have a little sniff after.

The tabloid papers were quick to suggest that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp would be the ideal replacement for Low. Almost as quick in fact as Jurgen Klopp was to dismiss the potential move:

“Am I available for the job after the summer? No!”

You’ll notice that he used the good old English word there… “No”. Rather than speaking in his native tongue.

That didn’t stop The Daily Mirror from going for the predictable headline of “Nein Nein Nein” however. 

I’m struggling to work out why, OTHER than the fact he’s German. Is that it? Klopp hasn’t spent nine years at Liverpool has he? He hasn’t won nine trophies and he didn’t say “Nein” instead of “No”.

The only explanation is that the Daily Mirror have just relied on the type of lazy casual racism that is usually reserved for the Royal Family. Apparently.

Next time just go with a shit pun like “It’s a Klopp Out” (You can have that one DM).

If Klopp is hanging around in England for a little bit longer maybe he can take some advice from Chelsea boss Tomas Tuchel who is still yet to experience defeat in his Blues tenure.

Undoubtedly some of that success is down to his strong defensive base, built on a back three system, which is something that football genius Paul Merson thinks Klopp should consider:

“If Van Dijk and Gomez aren’t there, Liverpool’s centre-backs aren’t good enough. That screams at me that they needed to switch to a back three.”

It takes a special kind of mind to deduce that the perfect solution for a manager struggling to find TWO fit centre backs is to try and play THREE centrebacks. 

I’m not sure if you know this Merse but THREE is more than TWO.

Maybe he should consider playing a GILLION Centre Backs eh Merse?

On the topic of complicated mathematical problems, you could well need your scientific calculator and protractor when watching the Champions League in a couple of years time.

Andrea Agnelli, the man who represents some of the biggest clubs in , has been talking about an agreement being close to creating an “ideal” new version of the competition.

The proposals include a complicated “swiss style” league system and an increase in teams involved to 36″. It would also mean more games with 125 matches becoming 225!

Obviously, this has nothing to do with increasing revenue and preserving the status of the european elite and is all about fans enjoying the football game they love! Right? 

Right? Anyone?

Football always has an “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude and the reaction to these ideas have been no different with Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish warning that the changes could have a devastating effect on English competitions!

Maybe so. But I’m not sure how devastating it will be to Crystal Palace’s football calendar. With one finish above 10th in the last 8 years, UEFA would probably need to have to expand to 360 teams before Palace could be playing Champions League… and we’ll all be long dead by then.

Except for Roy Hodgson, he’ll still be managing Palace.

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