Player of the Year De Bruyne concerned about lack of rest time

City don’t kick off their Premier League season until September 21st, but the Belgian playmaker is still wary of the lack of rest time for the players.

Speaking to CityTV, De Bruyne said:

“Obviously, we had a break with the pandemic, but personally I was training every day, so my mindset was still going, going, going. We have another year coming. It will not stop before the next August.

“We will see how we manage. Every team is going to have to be sensible. If you see fatigue, even mentally, people should not be afraid to say that. Sometimes it’s better to have a week off and come back refreshed than go and play through physical pain or mental tiredness.

“That’s something that will happen during the year – maybe I will be fine – but there’s a chance you can get tired because of the amount of games we play in a short space of time.”